Smart Technical Support

The consequences of delays in the functioning of a computer system and an inability to remedy the problem in the shortest possible period of time, is practically always reflected in financial loss, as well as loss in the credibility of the company due to the inability to provide an adequate quality of service to its business partners or customers. The IT sector in a company is required to act pro-actively, not only to provide trouble-free operation to employees, but to propose effective solutions to identified business problems using technology at its disposal or by introducing new ones. Continuity in the work of, primarily, server infrastructure, as well as individual workstations, a rapid response to new problems and constant examination of problems the company faces in order to present an optimal solution, are just some of the challenges that are put before you as a manager or member of the IT department.

Concept of Smart tehnical support is a result of over 5 years of experience in providing highly-professional IT consulting, the implementation of projects in improving existing or introducing new technologies and the provision of technical support services. SFP combines the aforementioned items and is fully turned towards you as the user.

Professional software designed specifically for this purpose is used for implementing interventions through remote access. All communication during remote access sessions is accomplished by using end-to-end 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, which ensures that all data exchanged during the session is completely secured. All functionalities related to cryptography and security protocols are performed using the Certicom Security Builder (R) library to provide maximum reliability and performance.

HTTP outbound connections are used to enable transparent sharing of the users work monitor. This approach makes it possible to, in most cases, initiate and carry out sessions without further reconfiguration of the firewall solutions.


  • Precise control over works performed and costs
  • Including your people in resolving problems
  • Assigned system of engineers who will be engaged to resolve your problems
  • Simple implementation of new desired functionality
  • Rapid intervention response via remote access or in the field
  • Monthly reports
  • Signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement)