Custom development – Outsourcing

Our team of programmers and business analysts has experience developing business solutions for various industries and business verticals. Through experience and a solid knowledge base, the team is able to penetrate into the depth of the different business processes that are an integral part of your organization and to effectively add value to your existing processes and business needs.

The aim of outsourcing

Our main goal is to provide support for your business processes, as well as a concept or an idea which will enable the development of an application quickly and efficiently, through our consulting services. The services are aimed at all companies that do not have sufficient resources to independently develop support for business processes.


In order for us to provide you with good service and a technological solution we must first understand the business environment and the need. The solutions are supported by a consulting approach that generates ideas, assesses business processes and helps clients to formulate ideas, applications or processes.

Business solutions

The Smart development team provides services to the development of business solutions in the following fields:

  • Business to business,
  • Business to consumer,
  • Content management,
  • Customer relationship management,
  • Resource planning and optimization of business efficiency (which includes improving workflow, the streamlining process, etc.).

Competence and expertise

Through many years of practical experience on various projects, Smart d.o.o. possesses knowledge in the following areas:

  • Programming in C # programming language
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Development
  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Development
  • Windows Forms Application Development
  • ASP .NET Development
  • ADO .NET Development
  • SQL database
  • Customizing SharePoint with SharePoint Designer, 2007 and InfoPath 2007
  • SharePoint Publishing (CMS)
  • Web service development

Project models

The investment depends on the technical complexity, risk, urgency, tools and technologies used. We use advanced development tools that enable us to create high-quality code with savings in resources and time.

Projects with a fixed price may be applied only when the scope of work, schedule and project requirements have been exactly defined. In this case, the most appropriate team of programmers, technologies and management resources are chosen.

On the other hand, we have agile project models whose specifications change during the development process. Engagement is paid by hours, days, weeks or months during which our programmers were engaged. This model is most suitable for customers who want to achieve long-term cooperation with us due to its high flexibility.

The contract between the client and Smart guarantees the conditions, confidentiality, intellectual property and service level agreement.

These basic models can be applied to projects that are not related to software development.