ELUPIS - Administrative registry

In the course of their daily work, departments and offices within state administration bodies, and all those who exercise public authority, receive and process a large quantity of documentation received from citizens and businesses. This documentation, created in digital or paper form, passes through many hands, is multiplied and distributed. During this whole process, there is no transparent system that can provide information on the phase in which the case is currently in, and where, specifically, it is located. For this reason, there isn’t the necessary interaction with clients which, in turn, generates discontent on their side.

Smart Elupis

Document control during all phases

The Smart Elpis application allows full control of document flow so that digitized documents are tracked from the moment of receipt to the moment the case is closed and stored in the archives.

This useful solution represents the complete Record Management System of an organization and enables:

  • generating electronic delivery registers,
  • electronic hand-over between the registry and appropriate organizational units,
  • electronic assignment of documents, i.e., cases, for processors,
  • electronic updating of cases by the processor (supplements to the case file)
  • electronic placing and taking items in and out of the Organizer,
  • electronic archiving and further processing of documentation in the archive, in electronic format.

Transparent manner of communicating with clients

The Smart Elpis application allows an organization to, via a website, publish information on the movement a case through the system and in this manner, in an efficient and transparent manner, show consideration for the parties interest. The website allows interested parties to, easily and quickly, search information regarding their case and receive feedback on its status.