Task management - Smart ELTAM

Modern work conditions require working on a large number of tasks with specified deadlines. Tasks include a large number of employees, as well as different ways of mutual communication that is hard to follow. Large systems require control of the work process in order to increase efficiency and save time

Eltam Task Managment

Increase efficiency, save time

The Smart ELTAM solution allows monitoring tasks from the moment they are allocated to the moment they are completed, with clearly defined participants, responsibilities, deadlines and status.

Employees are allocated one of five roles depending on which they will be able to assign tasks, pass them on, or distribute them to subordinates, to accept them, reject them or stop them, to execute them, trace their history and status, and generate reports.

Defined user roles

  • TOP MANAGMENT - has the right to allocate tasks and access all tasks in the system, at all levels.
  • MANAGER - has the right to receive tasks for execution, to award and forward the tasks to employees who are subordinate to him/her and access all tasks hierarchically below him/her.
  • ASSISTANT - has the right to carry out all operations, in the name of the manager to whom he/she is assigned, in accordance with the rights that managers enjoys within the system.
  • EXECUTOR - has the right to receive a task to be carried out and to have insight into the tasks in which he/she is participating in.
  • APPLICATION ADMINISTRATOR - administers applications.

Transparency of tasks and easier control

When allocating tasks, all participants will receive a notification of their obligations on this particular task via email. During the creation of tasks, directly responsible participants are determined, their activities are described, the priority of tasks is set and the deadline for execution is noted. Participants can accept or decline tasks, as well as transfer the same to their subordinates. Depending on the rights of the participants and the level of responsibility in terms of the set task, a history of resolving may be viewed, the complete communication on the task and an overview of the task, Treeview display, can be received.

Once begun task cannot be erased. In case of erroneously entered data or cancellation of a task, the same can be canceled with an explanation of the reason for doing the same.

Each user working on a task defines, expressed as a percentage, the level of execution. The percentages are automatically recalculated so that a greater number of participants in the execution of a task can view the status of the task, until completion, as a percentage.

User notification

Smart Eltam has three types of user notifications: The first type of notification relates to the automatic notification on the allocation and change in task status. The second type also refers to the automatic notification on the approaching deadline for task completion according to the principle 3, 2 and 1 days before the deadline. The third type of notification is set by the user according to his/her needs. All notifications are delivered to the personal email address of the user.


This solution enables the generation of reports according to different criteria for different time periods, as well as a view in Excel format for further use.

  • Quick and easy assignment of tasks at all levels
  • Effective monitoring of task execution
  • Transparency in task execution at all levels
  • All participants are defined and displayed
  • The performance of every individual on a task is recorded
  • The status and percentage of task completion is available at every moment
  • Reminder of the deadline for task completion