ELISO - Management of documentation for the quality system

Our market seeks a better quality of products and services every day. Service providers are expected to provide confirmations of quality for the services and products they offer. One such proof of quality is the ISO standard.

Smart Eliso

Implementing ISO standards

The following problems were noticed during the implementation of the quality standard:

  • Complicated and slow distribution of documents,
  • High maintenance costs (printing of documents),
  • Control of documentation access,
  • Controlling the use of a valid version,
  • Informing users about any changes in the system,
  • Joint work on the quality system documentation.

Efficient and reliable software

In the event you are looking for an efficient and reliable software that is easy to use and affordable, and which should help your company introduce, implement and maintain a quality management system in accordance with ISO standards and other quality standards, Smart Eliso is the right solution for you.

Smart Eliso is an integrated software for support during implementation, as well as for application and maintenance of an existing quality system that will suit all your needs and comply with the requirements of ISO standards and other quality standards.

The Smart Eliso solution is based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007. The solution enables management and grouping of all necessary documents and records required by the quality management system. The following documentation is needed for the introduction of these standards: policies, rulebooks, procedures, guidelines, regulations, codes, forms, etc.

With SmartEliso, users can keep records of all complaints and inaccuracies, development ideas, improvement plans, records on planned and held staff trainings and so on.

Advantages of the Smart Eliso solution

  • Central database of documents and information
  • Quick and easy distribution of documents
  • Controlling the use of a valid versions of documents
  • Control during access to documents and records
  • Informing users about changes in the system
  • Business process automation
  • A central location for keeping track of the quality system
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications
  • Search for documents by content

Smart Eliso modules

Smart Eliso consists of the following modules:

  • Documentation - part of the portal dedicated to control and management of internal and external documents and forms.
  • Processes - Defining and managing interconnected and interacting activities which transform input elements into output elements.
  • Employee training - training, development and control of professional employee training.
  • Verification - part of the portal intended for determining the degree of compliance with quality system management requirements.
  • Organization - part of the portal intended for keeping records and employee records and associated equipment with established responsibilities, authorities and relations.
  • Quality management - part of the portal intended for monitoring coordinated activities for managing an organization in relation to the quality and management of those activities (management of complaints, customer demands, continuous improvement, quality objectives, etc.).
  • Inconsistencies - part of the portal intended for registration and monitoring records of all unfulfilled requests, and all corrective and preventive measures undertaken to eliminate the same.
  • Risks - information security management system in accordance with ISO 27001: 2005 requirements.

Advanced possibilities

Advanced possibilities

  • Integration with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 package
  • WEB user interface - intranet or Internet access for users working on remote PCs,
  • Tools for internal communication,
  • The ability to create various reports,
  • The ability to create workflows through automation,
  • Multilingual environment.