The development team at our company has developed a dedicated portal products on the most current Microsoft SharePoint technologies in order to make easier to work with documents and to adjust with legal requirements and regulations.

With more than 15 years of experience working in the area of solving business and ICT problems, we can offer the following products to our customers. We have Infrastructure references for our products ELPIS - electronic registry, ELTAM - task management, ELRAG – e-workgroups, ELISO - qms and TELCO portal. This large selection of our products is compatible with the MS Office suite as well as the rest of the IT infrastructure. There is no need for major changes in the information system within the company during deployment.

Depending on the computing infrastructure that exists in your company and your needs, our experts will provide you with the best product solution. Smart products are fully customizable to the user requirements. They have possibility of expanding to include new functionality for which there is a need. When you deploy Smart products, we are providing to our customers training how to use deployed products. We are providing a quality technical support as well for these products. Support for your business processes and concept of fast and efficient development and deploy of applications.