SharePoint Platform

SharePoint is the place to share ideas, content and the vision of your customers’ companies. It’s scalable enough to organize and manage all users’ information assets but it’s also designed to organize and store documents to enable personal productivity, keep teams in sync, and projects on track. It’s where users go to discover experts, share knowledge and uncover connections to information and people.

SharePoint represents a new way to work together. Getting certified means your customers can take advantage of new social capabilities that help to share ideas, keep track of what their colleagues are working on, and help users find experts who can help answer questions. Getting certified in providing a new and simplified user experience for their organizations will enable your customers to help their users organize, sync, and share all of their content, find what they’re looking for, and create sites to keep everyone in sync.

Our software development is mostly based around the SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 platform.

SharePoint based solutions include:

  • Extending the SharePoint platform to include custom functionality by developing new lists, document libraries, web parts, application pages, SharePoint apps, branding customizations
  • Complete Intranet and Internet custom solutions based on the SharePoint platform and the client’s specifications with custom branding
  • Products ready for use
  • Professional consulting in developing various SharePoint based solutions

Developing complete CMS solutions based on the client needs. The technologies we use are the latest server side as well as client side technologies. These technologies include:

  • SharePoint REST API
  • SharePoint server-side model
  • SharePoint server-side model
  • Angular JS
  • Durandal JS

Our team use the latest Agile technologies in our development cycle. Also, we are developing various non-SharePoint based solutions according to the preferences of the client.

We are dedicated to helping our clients save time and money by developing innovative, functional and affordable custom software solutions for their business.