Intranet portal

SharePoint intranet portal is a portal for the company's internal organization communication, publication of news, knowledge sharing, access to documents and access to employees. With SharePoint intranet portal save a large sum of money and time. The structure of the portal is designed to adapt to the organization of your company, and the default SharePoint design is the result of years of experience. We are able to change the design and adapt it the client's needs.

Key features

  • Portal & Content Management - sharing of news, information and ideas with colleagues. Linking to other internal web applications
  • Document Management & Collaboration - Working together on documents, even in the same time (document libraries, lists). Changes to documents are automatically monitors and records (co-author, versioning). Collaboration is possible for discussions, answers, blog ...
  • Workflow & Business Process Management - monitoring and controlling the flow of documents through an automated process, and manage permissions to access content
  • Task & Project Management - organize projects and tasks to be visible through SharePoint, Outlook and Microsoft Project (Calendar of events
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics - the publication of reports and dashboards on the web portal to provide insights with the people you work with
  • Advanced & Federated Search - grateful and fast search of documents and information through metadata


  • Central administration
  • Adaptability to client needs
  • Simplified collaboration
  • Consolidating sites
  • Security and integrity
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable server platform
  • Powerful and fast search
  • Social networks - creating a community, document tracking, content sharing
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • 100% customizable design