Extranet Portal

Enabled controlling access to the site outside, for business or educational purpose. Sharepoint 2013 offers flexible options for configuring extranet access data. Usually contents it's located in production network or SharePoint server. It's possible to find contents on other levels where it can be read using web service and visitors site displayed over isolated peripheral network.

Reasons why you need Extranet site:

Connecting with users - Extranet can provide centralized , self-service place for your users where they can get relevant information which are looking, place for find right help, place where they give you feedback and place where they can provide direct connection with your brand.

Connecting with partners - Sharing up-to-date strategic information and collaboration on common projects, you and your partner will be informed continuously and gain advantege in relation to your competition. Extranet offers you safe place fo external communication and collaboration with reliable business partners.

Coordination with suppliers - Enhanced communication between customers and suppliers can increase efficiency on both side. From the standpoint of suppliers, extranet can provide better visibility offers. From standpoint of customers, extranet enable self-service payment and management of payment.

In addition to these functionalities that have web sites, key functionality extranet sites are:

  • Isolation data inside production network - external access is enabled via peripheral DMZ network
  • Keeping data within one network.
  • Easy access control.
  • Realization with separate or shared AD infrastructure
  • Infrastructure communications using custom Web service


Authentication and security - Extranet solution with regard to safety, the protection extends the functionality of the Intranet portal of employees, to external groups of users such as clients / customers, partners and suppliers

  • Creating web service
  • Intergration and communication with others infrastructure layers
  • Peripheral network


  • Installed SharePoint servere
  • Created, configured and tested SharePoint applications