An important announcement about XG Firewall and UTM 9 maintenance releases

We’re pleased to announce our first maintenance release for XG Firewall today, with a number of important fixes to improve the operation of your firewall. We also wanted to take this opportunity to outline our release notes strategy for this and all future firewall and UTM releases.

For major feature releases, we will continue to publish notifications here on the Sophos Blog highlighting the new features and capabilities, with links to the complete release notes on the Sophos Community Forums.

For all maintenance releases, we will publish notifications and release notes on the Sophos Community Forums only, so we encourage you to check the forums whenever your XG Firewall or UTM indicates a firmware update is available.

You can find XG Firewall release notes in the Sophos XG Firewall General Discussion forum.

UTM 9 maintenance release notes will similarly be published in the Sophos UTM 9 General Discussion forum.

If you’re wondering how to do firmware updates or roll-backs on your XG Firewall, we’ve got a new video for you, covering everything you need to know to keep your firewall up to date.

News source: Sophos